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John Joyce

Welcome to my small corner of the web. Facebook have made a rather better job of creating a website than I ever did, so find me on there for more up-to-date photos and so on. This site is unlikely to be updated often; it does, however, contain a reasonably up-to-date CV, which is here. You can also download my thesis.

About Me

I came to Cambridge (UK) in 1992 to study 'for three years'. Nine years later I finished and moved to Stafford to work. Soon I discovered it wasn't the life for me, so I moved back after a year. After a few months of not much, I worked for Cambridge Semiconductor, a spin-off company from the University Engineering Department, for seven years. They design power supply control chips, and I designed test systems for their chips, power supplies, and all sorts of other stuff too.

Now I have set up my own company Cambridge Test Solutions. It provides test consultancy and services to a range of industries.


Being an engineer, much of my time is spent with computers. In younger days I did quite a lot of desktop publishing, a few simple websites, and a fair bit of programming. Most of my programming was in BBC BASIC, 6502 assembler, and later ARM assembler and C. HTML and then PHP have also featured, and most recently VB.NET and LabView. I used to enjoy assembling, setting up and troubleshooting computer hardware and software; however there is little time for that these days.

Old trains

My other major hobby is restoring old trains. I've been a volunteer at the Llangollen Railway in North Wales since I was 14. I'm a diesel railcar fitter and driver there. My shed at home usually has a few bits of train in varying states of disassembly / repair.


I used to spend a lot of time mending cars, but modern cars are so complicated that it's quite difficult to do much more than pull the dipstick once in a while. Fortunately they are usually very reliable as well! My first car was a Mini, for which I built up a 1300 'go-faster' engine, and that was a lot of fun. Now I have a rather more mundane, if comfier and more reliable, Ford Focus.

I still take part in occasional events with Cambridge University Automobile Club; I was their Competitions Secretary for two years and Vice-President for one year when I was a student.

Other bits

I have tinkered with electronics, on and off, for most of my life. Now I spend much of my 'day job' doing electronics too, though at a rather different level. I also enjoy spending time in workshops, though I'm certainly no expert with machine tools. I built up the engine for the Mini from its constituent parts; block, crank, rods, pistons and so on.

Recently I spent a little time as a Ballroom dancing beginner. I find following a few simple instructions remarkably difficult when dancing, but it can be fun anyway. Another recent activity is evening classes in Mandarin. Writing in particular is rather complicated, and progress is slow.

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